Become a Partner

In order to see a movement of revitalized and replanted churches resounding throughout Missouri and beyond, strong churches, associations, and parachurch ministries must be captivated by a vision to resound beyond their current area of influence by partnering with struggling churches to revitalize, replant, or repurpose.

When struggling churches affirm a recommendation from the network, partnership is often not only helpful but also necessary to pursue God’s path forward. Will you join us in this movement by considering how you and your church or ministry could resound in an even greater way?

Supporting Partner

Pray for, provide for, and/or participate in a revitalization or relaunch effort through:

  • Leadership coaching
  • Establishment of a temporary leadership team
  • Financial, administrative, or project support
  • Intentional prayer and encouragement plan

Strategic Partner

Pursue a unique opportunity to resound by partnering with a struggling congregation to replant or repurpose through:

  • Merger/Marriage
         The joining together of an existing unhealthy or declining church and a healthy existing church or church plant. 
  • Adoption/Campus
         The adoption or absorption of an existing church in decline or near death by a larger and more healthy church. 
  • Church Fostering
         A healthy, established church provides wisdom, support, and resources to assist a struggling church for a defined period of time so that the struggling church regains vitality and full autonomy.
  • Repurpose for Kingdom Advancement
         The existing church closes, and deeds, assets and property are transferred to a denomination or church.

Descriptions used from NAMB Replant Association Guide

Sending Partner

Prepare revitalizers, replanters, and teams to deploy through:

  • Casting vision
  • Creating residencies
  • Coordinating cohorts

Recommended Resource

Pathways to Partnership

We serve a mighty God. A kind, gracious and merciful Lord. And the truth is, our God has not given up on many declining and struggling churches that many of us would have given up on a long time ago. He loves these churches and receives much glory when bringing them back to life and vibrancy. And the amazing thing is that He invites us to be a part of it! The Lord is calling us as His people, as partners in the Gospel, to lock arms and fight, by His Spirit, to stop the trend of dying churches in our communities together.

In the pages that follow, you’ll find biblical evidence for church partnerships, practical instruction on how to partner, the commitments required of partners and cautions that could hinder partnerships.