Renew & Resound

A 40-Day Guide to Renewal

One-size-fits-all solutions don’t exist for church revitalization and replanting. Each church and its context is unique. Yet, one component remains essential in every effort: spiritual renewal. 

This guide has been developed by Missouri Baptist pastors and associational leaders for the sake of cultivating spiritual renewal and healthy churches. This 40-day journey provides six daily devotions per week (Monday-Saturday), and a weekly challenge to engage as you gather with your church.

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Quick Start Guides

These quick start guides have been developed to help your church navigate the leadership development process.

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Other Resources

The Replant Collective equips leaders with the best resources to help lead dying churches to regain health and vitality for the glory of God and the good of their communities.

Video Series

The Calvary Family of Churches based in Denver, CO, is an epicenter for a replanting and revitalization movement, and they have produced many great resources that you will find by clicking below. We especially recommend the video series they produced for their residency program.

Many churches are experiencing renewal through the help and resources of the Resound Network. Learn how you can join the movement.