Vision & Values

What are we pursuing?

We are pursuing a movement of renewed churches resounding for God’s glory.

Will you join us on the journey?

What are our core commitments?

Enjoying the King

We are devoted to the King
and his Kingdom

We are motivated by God
and the Gospel.

Loving his Bride

We are marked by humility
and courage.

We are committed to partnership
and autonomy.

Pursuing his Target

We are engaged with proactivity
and intentionality.

We are focused on transformation
and health.

What do we do?

We are catalyzing renewal of churches through partnership.

How do we do it?

We are catalyzing renewal of churches by partnering with others to:

  • Equip leaders through consulting and connecting churches with practitioners.
  • Encourage churches by helping them develop processes and providing resources.
  • Encourage multiplication by connecting them with others and celebrating God’s work.

Who is involved in our leadership?

How is the Missouri Baptist Convention involved?

Resound Network is a ministry of the Missouri Baptist Convention, who provides staff to facilitate the ministry.

These staff missionaries clarify and catalyze the network's vision and strategy, cultivate collaboration among Missouri Baptists, coordinate the work, and coach leaders.

What is a Zone Catalyst?

Zone Catalysts are volunteer leaders who multiply leaders, inspire hope and engagement, connect leaders and churches, and oversee Zone Teams.

Zone Catalysts:

Gary Mathes
Gregg Boll
Alan Earls
Preston Thompson
Bob Feeler
Evan Skelton
Kirk Baker
Alan Brock
Buddy Funk