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Resound Network was extremely helpful in assisting FBC Lake St. Louis in assessing their needs and synthesizing the ministry goals for the church to move forward. The new pastor they called was a perfect match for the new direction the church is heading. God worked it so that the pastor's calling and skill set matched the Resound Network’s recommendations. FBC Lake St. Louis called the pastor that they needed, not just one who met their individual preferences.

Bob Feeler

Interim Pastor, FBC Wentzville

The Resound Network encouraged our church to have an open dialogue about our need for revitalization. They also helped us create clear and manageable goals to strive towards. They have been instrumental in helping cast a renewed vision for our Church. Through encouraging us to experiment evangelistically we’ve been able to re-engage with both our community and local school.

Richard Ulrich

Church Member, FBC Ewing

Our church had plateaued and was beginning to decline. We tried to blame it on COVID, but in reality, we were going through church life without purpose, passion, and prayer. By God’s grace, I met Brandon Moore, who agreed to come and lead us through the ReFocus process at FBC Macon. This process put a spark to the dry and dying wood that was our church, and suddenly we were ablaze with joy, renewed zeal, and unity! It was unlike anything I had experienced here in the last 12 years of ministry!

Phil Bray

FBC Macon


We don’t do things to churches or for churches, but come alongside them to resound for God’s glory and the good of their communities.