Portrait of Charles Hodge

Slavery, Racial Hierarchy, Charles Hodge, and Old School Presbyterianism

Charles Hodge was a Presbyterian theologian known for his orthodox Reformed theology, his leadership in Old School Presbyterianism, and for being a preeminent voice for Princeton theology. During my seminary studies and associated internship, Hodge was lifted up as an exemplary Christian figure within the Reformed tradition who stood strongly for theological conservatism in the … Continue reading Slavery, Racial Hierarchy, Charles Hodge, and Old School Presbyterianism

Social Justice: A Definition

Putting this all together, Christians who advocate for social justice are advocating for both positive and negative temporal human justice in its social expression in the world. “Social justice” is simply shorthand for a legitimate calling of Christians to give what’s due their neighbors by virtue of being made in God’s image. It’s a specific example of loving your neighbor as yourself.

A Holistic Gospel and a “Spiritualized” Gospel

“The human being is still an integrated person in Africa,” states the African mother of contemporary theology, Mercy Amba Oduyoye. Like Oduyoye, Global South Christians and Christians in historically marginalized churches in the Global North have never been afforded the ability to “spiritualize” the gospel and dis-integrate the human person.