Deploy – Quick Start Guide & Web Resources

Deploying the Called

Your journey for empowering new church leaders starts here.

This quick start guide offers step-by-step instructions for churches to commission, announce, and strengthen new leaders. Navigate the process of appointing leaders, communicating their installation, and establishing an enduring support system for their ministry.

I. Confirm

How do we make them official?
  • Identify appropriate occasions for installing new leaders (e.g. upcoming classes/groups, mission trips)
  • Plan a services or set aside a portion of your Sunday service to commission your new lay leader.
    Download a sample commissioning service (.pdf)

II. Celebrate

How do we make them known?
  • Communicate the installation of your leader (through Sunday services, social media, bulletins, newsletters, announcements, etc.).

  • Communicate your appreciation of the leader (thank you cards, gifts, public affirmation, etc.).

  • Invite other churches and leaders from your association to attend/participate in the ordination or commissioning service.

  • Inform your association of the new leaders so they can be recognized at an associational event.

III. Support

How do we make them strong?
  • Pray regularly and intentionally for your leaders by name (e.g. bulletins, prayer guides, Sunday services).

  • Equip your leaders (e.g. ongoing education, mentoring sessions, training events, conferences, etc.).

  • Provide regular feedback for encouragement and improvement.

  • Make introductions with associational leaders and encourage the use of their available resources.

  • Identify a mentor pastor and/or partner church to help train your lay leaders.