Discern – Quick Start Guide & Web Resources

Discerning the Called

Your journey for assessing and preparing future leaders starts here.

This quick-start guide offers step-by-step instructions for churches to help future leaders explore their calling, evaluate their readiness, and engage opportunities. Navigate discussions to clarify their calling, utilize tools to identify spiritual gifts and areas to grow as a leader, and determine steps for development.

I. Explore

How do I start the conversation?
  • Why do you believe God is calling you to lead?
    or    Have you considered God’s calling on your life?

  • What is your salvation story?

  • Where are you currently serving?

  • The Great Commission Landing (.pdf)

II. Examine

How do I help clarify
  • What did you discover about the call of every Christian?

  • What did you discover about the call of leaders? (Who, how, and to what does God call leaders?)

  • The Leader’s Joy: Philippians 1:3-26

III. Evaluate

How do I assess readiness?
  • Spiritual Gifts: What do you believe your gifts are? What gifts have others affirmed in you?

  • Is God Calling Me? By Jeff Iorg: What challenged or encouraged you? What do you believe God is calling you to?

  • The Leader’s Components: Psalm 78:72 (Character & Competency)

IV. Engage

How do I encourage next steps?
  • Healthy Leader Assessment: What are your greatest strengths? What are your greatest challenges?

  • Where can you get started in pursuing your call?

  • The Leader’s Hope: 1 Chronicles 28:20-21

  • Arrange an opportunity to serve in the area of their calling.

  • Set a time to meet again for feedback and encouragement.

  • Utilize the Developing the Called Quick Start Guide for further tools and steps to equip your leaders.
         Develop QSG (web version)
         Develop QSG (.pdf)